Because this group primarily made up of LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS and MILITARY VETERANS, whom have respect for the law and community. This group's color's, of a Marshall's badge, containing: a motorcycle with the scales of justice, mirror their love for motorcycling with the respect for the "LAW." This logo was registered and trademarked as a symbol of the club's mission.   We will together continue to recruit and carry out this mission, with love for our fellow clubs with the same goals in mind.

our History


The PEACEKEEPERS-MC was founded in January of 2004 by three (3) friends, whom after witnessing numerous accidents, some of which, resulting in tragic deaths, due to stupidity and the careless attitudes of reckless and unlicensed riders.

It was then decided between these three, band of brothers, to find other riders whom wish to share the same love of motorcycles and had the same respect for the law.   Once this bother hood got together, they formed an alliance and vowed to not only look out for each other, but try to spread the ideas of safety to others.   They began supporting the local motorcycle and social groups and plan to spread there wisdom to local youth and community groups. In the process the number of other groups have supported us and have embraced our mission as their own. Through our HONOR, this small club is a respected part of the Baltimore community.    

community news

PEACEKEEPERS-MC Toy Drive for Kennedy Krieger on the 17th October 2010 we filled a whole the trailer.


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